Intel 14th Gen Core “Meteor Lake” Mobile Test CPU Spotted

As Intel is going to announce its 12th Gen Core Alder Lake-P/M series in the coming year 2022, the first pictures of test silicon two generations ahead have just been revealed. The photographs were taken during a tour at Intel Fab 42 in Chandler, Arizona. Stephen Shankland from CNET took a trip inside Intel’s Arizona chipmaking fab and revealed the first pictures of the next-gen mobile chip.

Intel Meteor Lake M Chip 1

CNET has clear images of various chips, like next-gen Xeon Scalable with HBM codenamed “Sapphire Rapids” and even Ponte Vecchio, the high-performance data-center accelerator.

Stephen also managed to take a photo of a 300mm wafer showing Intel Meteor Lake-M, the low-power 14th Gen Core processor series. He has given us the very first glimpse of the actual silicon which is going through a test production trial of Intel Fabs. All these chips being discussed are multi-tile designs requiring sophisticated packaging technologies, a technology recently adopted by Intel.

Intel Meteor lake CPU

The size of the test chips suggests that, those might be the Meteor Lake-M series which are to operate within 5W to 15W power envelope. Intel confirmed that the Meteor Lake is manufactured using Foveros packaging technology and will feature three tiles: Computer Die,SoC-LP for I/O operations, and a graphics die. Although the test chip certainly has four tiles, the purpose of the fourth tile is, however, currently unknown.

Intel Meteor Lake desktop and mobile CPU series is expected to be launched in 2023.

Intel Meteor Lake M Chip 2

Via Cnet