Intel’s Entry-Level Xe Discrete Graphics Card Appears in Geekbench, Featuring 1024 Cores & 3 GB Memory

One of Intel’s Xe Discrete Graphic cards has been discovered inside the Geekbench database, and apparently, it looks like an entry-level card. A well-known tipster, TUM_APISAK made the discovery. The card was tested on a 9th Generation Intel Processor.

Previously, the same graphics card featuring the same technical specifications was spotted in the database of SiSoftware Sandra. It looks like Intel is testing it’s entry-level designs for Xe powered discrete graphics cards.

From the Geekbench database, we know that this specific graphic card will feature 128 compute units or Eu’s in Intel’s terminology. This means that the graphic card will feature 1024 cores. Moreover, it also tells that the card will not be based on Xe-LP GPU as its maximum capacity is 96 EUs. There’s a possibility that the card might be an earlier version of Xe-HP or Xe-HPG. Moreover, the card will also feature a 1400Mhz clock speed and a 3GB memory which is expected to be GDDR6 based.

As for the scores, the graphics card scored 9311 points in the OpenCL benchmark. However, these scores portray that the card wasn’t operating on its proper drivers as Iris Xe Max can easily score around 15,000 points in the same benchmark which features less core than this specific graphics card.

It is expected that Intel will release its Xe-HPG line of gaming and enthusiast-grade graphics cards in 2021.

Via Geekbench