InWin 905 Case Review

Final Thoughts

From our first encounter with the InWin 905 at CES 2019, we have been impressed by the design and functionality of this oversize mid-tower case. The single band of 4mm aluminum that wraps around the case from front to back looks amazing, and is accented on each side by a tinted glass side panel. The tool-less design of these panels keeps everything tidy, and makes accessing the case internals a breeze. With the solid front of the 905, InWin created a tunnel of sorts that not only looks great, but provides for a large opening for air intake.

ARGB-lit fans and a front panel accent provide for some color in the 905, and an optional OLED front panel screen offers a ton of customization. Both the fans and light strip at the front of the case can be controlled by either the built-in ARGB controller or compatible motherboards and software.

InWin 905

Installation of our test system was a breeze, and there is a ton of room to work inside the 905. The lower power supply chamber provides ample room for extra cabling, and the wide design of the case makes routing and securing cables pretty easy. The only complaint we had with the cable management in the InWin 905 was with regards to the cutouts on the motherboard tray; they don’t come equipped with rubber grommets. While this isn’t a deal breaker, we expected a bit more from InWin in this regard, and hope to see them improve upon this area in future designs.

The InWin 905 is a forward-thinking case that offers the latest connectivity options, plenty of room for high-end components, and a few additional features that make it very easy to work in. Add in the stunning looks of the case, we think that we will be seeing quite a few high-end, custom builds in this case. With a high-end case usually comes a high-end price, and the InWin 905 is currently available at our favorite online retailer for $299. While this might frighten some PC builders away, the precision design and execution found in the 905 is well worth the price, in our opinion. Add in the three ARGB fans and controller, the lighted accent, and all of the other premium design choices, and you have a case that earns a 9 out of 10 and our Editor’s Choice Award.

rating9 10 TC award editorschoice


  • Looks Amazing
  • 4mm Aluminum Shell
  • Three 120mm ARGB Fans Included
  • Integrated ARGB Light Bar and Controller
  • Support For Large Graphics Cards
  • Easy Panel Removal
  • Unique Cooling Design
  • Great Connectivity Options


  • No Cable Management Grommets
  • Premium Price