InWin A5 Case Review

Final Thoughts

It is always interesting to see cases from InWin that don’t have your standard design and the A5 is one of them. Because of the different internal design this is actually one of the smallest cases out there that will support not only an E-ATX motherboard, but a full-size power supply. So if you are looking for a smaller footprint on your desk this is definitely going to be it. On top of that this case is definitely sleek since there are no fans on the front of the case.

Talking about the internal design of the case it definitely works here and there is proper airflow, but InWin only does include 1 fan with this case. I would have liked to see at least two. On top of that you are a bit limited as to cooling in this case. The top and bottom of the case only support two 120 mm fans, which again limits your AiO to only 240mm. Also I was quite surprised that there were literally no tie-down points on this case to help you route and organize your cables. With the power supply mounting at the front of the case I would at least expect some velcro ties to help organize those cables better than just having them hang there.

InWin once again has done a great job on their side panels. On each panel there is a simple notch at the top and you just pull down to remove the panels. This makes getting into your system extremely easy.

I think that if you are building inside this case just know the limitations when it comes to cooling support. Right now you can pick this case up at our favorite online retailer for $109.99. Overall ThinkComputers gives the InWin A5 PC case an 8 out of 10 score.

rating8 10

– Sleek design
– Supports E-ATX motherboard and full-size power supplies
– Easy installation
– Great side panel design

– Only supports two 120mm fans on the top / bottom
– No tie-down points for easy cable organization / routing
– Only comes with 1 fan

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