Kingston DataTraveler Bolt Duo Review

Final Thoughts
For someone who takes a lot of photos and videos with their iPhone the Kingston DataTraveler Bolt Duo is a great little accessory to have. Even if its just for offloading that content. If you are a PC user you know how hard it can be to get photos and video off your iPhone. Half the time the transfer fails half-way through. With the Bolt Duo I can easily off-load photos to the drive and then transfer to by PC knowing I won’t have any issues.

Also if I am on a trip and my iPhone storage is getting pretty full I can offload a bunch of old photos and video to the Bolt Duo, freeing up space on my iPhone and I’ll still be able to go back and organize my photos on the Bolt Duo once I get home.

The Kingston Bolt App for iOS is very easy to use and even gives you the ability to take photos and videos directly from the app and have them saved to the Bolt Duo, but keep in mind the quality is not as good as using the normal iPhone camera and the modes are limited. I do like that in the app I can bulk move all photos, videos, or select the files that I want to move off my iPhone.

Kingston supplies a little rubber case with the Bolt Duo that has a key-ring on it and since I’ve got the drive its been with my keys so I always have it with me. If you are someone who is constantly moving files off your iPhone then the Bolt Duo is the perfect thing for you. Right now the 64GB version that we reviewed today is selling at our favorite online retailer for $44.36. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Kingston DataTraveler Bolt Duo a 9 out of 10 score.

– Small and compact
– Super easy to use
– Can bulk move photos / videos off your iPhone
– Decently fast

– Camera in the app is not as good as the native iPhone camera
– Cannot view HEIC images on the drive via the app

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