Kinivo URBN Bluetooth Headphones Review

Setup & Usage
The first thing you are going to want to do is charge the headphones up. Just plug in the included microUSB cable to any USB charging device. Kinivo tells us that it will take between 2-3 hours to fully charge the headphones, which should give you around 20 hours of play time.

After charging you need to pair the headphones with your device. When you turn the headphones on if there is not a paired device around the headphones will instantly go into pairing mode. So all you have to do is open the Bluetooth settings on your device and find “Kinivo Urbn” in the list. Select it and your device will now be paired with the headphones. Say you want to pair another device with the headphones all you have to do is press and hold the play / pause button for six seconds and the headphone will go back into pairing mode and you can replace the steps above.

Another great thing about the Kinivo URBN headphones is that they are NFC compatiable. So if you have a NFC capable device all you have to do is tap your device to the NFC logo on the right side of the headset. Then follow the instructions on your device to finish pairing.

Kinivo URBN Bluetooth Headphones

I have been using the URBN headphones as my main set of headphones for about two weeks now. So I have been using them with my desktop, laptop, and iPhone. This means that I’ve been using them for long periods of time. The first thing I noticed about the headphones is that you want them sitting a little bit lower for the best fit. Even though they are designed to sit on your ears they have pretty good sound isolation.

I listen to a wide variety of music from rap and R&B to rock and acoustic. The URBN headphones with their 40 mm drivers do sound really good and they have some very impressive bass, which hits nice and hard. With headphones that sit on your ears volume is always a concern as many times you have to have the volume turned all the way up, but with the URBN that is not the case. Having them between 50% and 70% seemed to be the sweet spot. Sound quality is pretty clean and was not blown out and did not have the sort of tinny sound you get with cheaper headphones.

The URBN also gives you the ability to take calls. I made a couple of calls using the URBN and the people on the other end said they could definitely tell I was using a headset. We never expected great microphone quality as the microphone is on the headset and not on a boom where it would be ideal for making calls.

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