Kinivo URBN Bluetooth Headphones Review

Final Thoughts
The first thing that really turned me on to the Kinivio URBN headphones where their cool design. These are definitely one of the better looking Bluetooth headphones that we’ve reviewed in a while. The red version that we received looks awesome, but Kinivo also offers the headset in black and grey versions as well. The headphone are not just looks though.

So many times with Bluetooth headsets they look nice and stylish, but they sound quality is really not that great. I was actually quite surprised by the sound quality of the URBN headphones. The 40 mm drivers bring with them impressive and full sound and nice bass as well. The headphones do not need to be turned all the way up for great sound either. Even though these headphones are designed to sit on your ears they offer really great sound isolation, much more than what I expected.

The headphones are extremely easy to get setup and pairing can be done via Bluetooth or NFC. Having controls on the headphones makes it very easy to switch songs, adjust the volume and more. Kinivio also includes a pretty nice carrying case with the headphone that will help protect them and it even has a pocket inside so you can take the charging cable and any other cables with you. Even if you forget the carrying case the headphone fold up pretty nicely so you can easily throw them in your bag.

Currently the Kinivo URBN headphone are selling for $99 at our favorite online retailer. For limited time Kinivo is offering $50 off for Valentine’s Day. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Kinivo URBN Bluetooth Headphones a 9 out of 10 score.

– Great stylish design
– Good sound given its size
– Good sound isolation
– Included carrying case
– Up to 20 hours of play time

– Mostly made of plastic

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