SilverStone TD03-Slim Liquid CPU Cooler Review

We’ve been on a SilverStone kick lately, covering nearly their entire all in one water cooling line up. So far what has been most impressive is the high quality nature of their coolers. Everything from the hardware that is included, to the fit and finish of the cooler itself, Silverstone knows how to make a highly polished product. Today we’re going to round things out with one final AiO cooler, the TDO3-Slim. This is a 120mm radiator equipped cooler and if you didn’t guess from the name, it’s quite thin. Let’s go ahead and take a look at what we’ve got and see if this cooler belongs in the SilverStone line-up.

Special thanks to SilverStone for providing the TD03-Slim for review!

■ Super slim 37mm total thickness for radiator and fan
■ Maintenance free, no refill required
■ Auto adjustable 120mm slim PWM fans included
■ Thick, leak-proof tubing improve reliability
■ 0.2mm micro-channel water block design for improved
■ Large 100% copper base plate for fast heat transfer
■ Integrated blue LED indicator
■ Compatible with socket LGA775/115X/1366/2011/2011-v3/AM2/AM3/FM1/FM2


The TD03-Slim comes to us in packaging nearly identical to that of the other Silverstone AiO line. We get a flip top cardboard box with a dark theme consisting of blues, blacks, and white. The front of the box features a photo of the cooler front and center with names and features all around it. Flipping the box straight over we find the same list of features in ten additional languages.

SilverStone TD03-Slim Liquid CPU Cooler SilverStone TD03-Slim Liquid CPU Cooler

On the sides we find the complete listing of technical specifications for the TD03-Slim as well as several photos of prominent features. On the ends you will find a side view showing the width of the radiator and fan as it would be installed.

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Cutting the tape and flipping the top back we find a printed user manual lying on top of a sheet of foam. Beneath the cooler and all of the components lie wrapped in plastic and held securely in a cardboard shell.

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Removing all the parts we find that everything has survived the shipping process in great condition, the packaging has done its job well.

SilverStone TD03-Slim Liquid CPU Cooler