Lenovo Announces ThinkCenter Neo Ultra With Up To Core i9-14900 And RTX 4060 GPU

The ThinkCenter Neo Ultra is a compact 3.6-liter desktop PC that includes a built-in power supply and four fans. This new small PC, featuring Intel and NVIDIA hardware, was initially showcased in January, with a planned release for the latter half of the year. However, Lenovo has now announced that the new ThinkCenters are now available.

The company confirmed that the system would include up to a Core i9 model, which is accurate. However, despite the name, this isn’t the Core Ultra SKU but rather the 14th Gen Core series. Lenovo is using a range of 65W and 35W SKUs for this system, with configurations offering between 14 to 24 cores. The top configuration includes the Core i9-14900.

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Interestingly , this system includes an 8GB GeForce RTX 4060 (Laptop GPU). Lenovo hasn’t disclosed the TDP for this system, leaving it uncertain. However, it is known that the PC uses a 350W power supply, and the RTX 4060 operates within a 35 to 115W power range, suggesting it might be the full variant. As the name Gen 1 implies, updates for this form factor are likely in the future. Upcoming laptops and mini-PCs will feature highly power-efficient architectures from Intel (Lunar Lake) and AMD (Strix Point), though their integrated graphics won’t match the speed of the RTX 4060.

A notable change from the official materials released in January to the current information is that the system now features four fans instead of three. Additionally, the system supports independent NPU cards, distinct from the GPU. It supports M.2 NPU AI cards, which are small coprocessors providing around 20 TOPS. In contrast, the RTX 4060 delivers over 200 TOPS, depending on the configuration, making the GPU a more effective option for such tasks.

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The ThinkCenter Neo Ultra Gen1 is now available in Australia for 3,299 AUD, roughly the same price as the Mac Studio with M2 Max. The Lenovo model includes a Core i5-14500 CPU, RTX 4060 graphics, and 16GB of DDR5 memory. The Kinara Ara-2 M.2 discrete NPU card is an extra $200.

Source: Lenovo