Lenovo IdeaTab Lynx Windows 8 Tablet Review

This is actually our first full-blown Window 8 tablet that we have reviewed, so unfortunately we do not have any tablets to compare the Lynx against. We will still be running some benchmarks to give you an idea of the performance of the Lynx. All of these benchmarks are free to download so you can compare your results to ours.

Our first benchmark is PCMark 7. It is an overall system benchmark.

Next up we have the new 3DMark Benchmark. While this tablet is not meant to be a powerhouse in terms of gaming the 3DMark program has an Ice Storm benchmark that is made for mobile devices like the Lynx.

GeekBench is a very popular benchmark that tests both your processor and memory.

The Lynx has a 6800 mAh battery. If you combine that with the very energy efficient Intel Atom processor you will get some exceptional battery life. In our testing we averaged around 6-8 hours of battery life doing normal tasks such a web browsing. So expect to get about a full day of use out of the Lynx.

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