Lenovo Legion Y9000K 2021 Gaming Laptop Features 1250 Nits Mini-LED Display

Lenovo has announced Legion Y9000K 2021 Exploration Edition, just before Alder Lake. Lenovo has presented a mid-series laptop featuring a fresh flagship design.

The Lenovo Legion Y9000K is not based on the Intel 12th Gen Core series, although both of them have been announced with a gap of just 3 months. Reportedly, the new Y9000K is basically a Legion 7i refresh. The updated features include liquid metal and an even better screen.


The laptop is powered by a Tiger Lake-H(45) Intel Core i7-1800H CPU with 8 cores. It will offer the following GPU options: RTX 3060, RTX 3070, and RTX 3080. These GPUs are said to be running at maximum TDP and are known as Max-P variants.


Other features of the Y9000K Exploration Edition include a 16:10 screen. It has a 92% body to screen ratio. The resolution of the screen is 2560×1600 with a 165 Hz refresh rate and 500 nits. The company has revealed that the new laptop will also have a Mini-LED display with 1250 nits of brightness. Moreover, a DisplayHDR1000 certification, and 1152 dimming zones are also expected. All the features are a great fit for use by gamers and content creators.

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The launch date has not been confirmed. China is most likely to be the primary market for this laptop. Though, it is not yet confirmed whether this model will be available outside China.

Via Lenovo