Lenovo’s Steam Deck Killer “Legion Go” Leaked; Features Joy-Con-Like Controllers

Valve’s Steam Deck could face increased competition as Lenovo is reportedly developing a Windows-based handheld gaming PC known as the Legion Go. Recent images of the upcoming device were published by Windows Report.

IMG 7282

The images suggest that Lenovo’s approach to a handheld gaming PC shares similarities with devices like the Steam Deck and Asus ROG Ally, while also drawing inspiration from the Nintendo Switch. Windows Report indicates that the Legion Go features an eight-inch screen, showcases detachable Joy-Con-style controllers, and includes a broad kickstand reminiscent of the Switch OLED for tabletop gaming.

The controllers of the Legion Go seem to combine elements from both the Switch’s flat, detachable Joy-Cons and the Steam Deck’s contoured, integrated grips. While the right controller features a single touchpad (unlike the Steam Deck’s dual touchpads), it also appears to include a wheel on its back. With the controllers being removable, Windows Report suggests that the screen likely supports touch functionality.

IMG 7280

One key observation from these images is that Lenovo doesn’t seem hesitant to create a thicker design for the Legion Go. In contrast, Asus opted for a thinner and lighter approach with the ROG Ally, resulting in moderate battery life. However, there’s a trend emerging, with devices like the upcoming Ayaneo Kun focusing on accommodating larger batteries.

According to Windows Report, the Legion Go is expected to run on Windows 11, implying compatibility with Windows games that meet the device’s specifications. Earlier reports from Windows Central indicated that the Legion Go would utilize AMD Phoenix processors, which are also featured in devices like the ROG Ally and various recent and upcoming Windows handhelds.

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Source & Images: Windows Report