LG Ships 55″ and 65″ 4K HDTVs For $6000 And Up

Let us take you out of fool’s paradise here if you had a doubt in mind that 4K HDTV would be commonly seen around in the matter of months. Well let us surprise you here, following the footsteps of Samsung and SONY, LG has introduced a range of 4K HDTV of its own. LG Electronics’ latest ultra HD TV series (model: LA9700) which come in variants of 65 and 55 inch screen sizes have been put down for sale for the first time in US this week. LG claims that these are the first Ultra HD sets in these sizes with full “backlit LED screens”.


Each of these includes a 4.1 channel, 50 watt sound system through a stylishly designed speaker bar. This series comes with the LGs latest NANO Technology in which LED particles are scattered across a thin film behind the screen allowing comprehensive local dimming that further offers advanced quality picture control by allowing distinct sections of the LED array to be independently controlled , based on the picture. It comes with a powerful Tru-Ultra HD Engine offering a screen resolution of 3840 X 2160p.

Price mentioned by the company for smaller screen size is $6000 and for the 65-inch screen sizes it is $8000.

Despite of the high price, are you still thinking of getting a 4K?

Source: LG | News Archive