Lian Li To Launch UNI FAN TL LCD Series With Integrated LCD Screen Along With 26 Other Products

Lian Li is set to unveil 26 new products, introducing the groundbreaking UNI FAN TL LCD series. This series stands out for being the industry’s pioneer in integrating a cooling fan with an embedded LCD screen. The UNI FAN TL LCD series showcases a unique cooling fan with a centrally located, customizable 1.6-inch LCD screen, boasting a resolution of 400 x 400 pixels. Complementing this innovation is its compatibility with the “L-Connect 3” software, enabling the display of diverse system information, videos, and images.
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The series offers fans in two sizes, 120mm and 140mm, both available in a 3-piece pack accompanied by a controller. It also provides a choice between two blade types – “Normal Blade” and “Reverse Blade” – and comes in two color options: black and white.

The 120mm fan variant measures 124x120x28mm, employs an FDB (fluid bearing), and incorporates PBT blades. It operates within a rotational speed range of 350 to 1,900 rpm, producing a maximum noise level of 27 dBA (31 dBA for reverse blades). It delivers an airflow of up to 62 CFM (54.3 CFM for reverse blades) and boasts a maximum static pressure of 2.9 mmH2O (2.83 mmH2O for reverse blades).
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The 140mm variant comes in dimensions of 144x140x28mm, utilizing an FDB and PBT blades. Its rotational speed spans from 400 to 1,600 rpm (350 to 1,600 rpm for reverse blades), with a peak noise level of 28.5 dBA (29.4 dBA for reverse blades). It achieves an airflow of up to 68.1 CFM (64 CFM for reverse blades) and maintains a maximum static pressure of 3.5 mmH2O (3.1 mmH2O for reverse blades).

Both variants come equipped with an exclusive 7-pin connector and demand a dedicated controller for proper operation. Stand-alone offerings are primarily designed for expansion purposes. Though pricing details may be somewhat unclear, it appears that each LCD fan is priced at $55.
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Source: Lian Li