Logitech Wireless Headset F540 Review

Multiple cables and configurations can create confusion. For instance, setting up the F540 is different if you’re using HDMI or standard AV cables. A few scenarios are covered below.

Scenario 1: HDMI from console to TV or AV receiver
Most people using HDMI experience setup issues because they no longer have their standard AV cables, or are unsure how to get everything working. If you’re using HDMI, the simplest way to integrate the F540’s wireless base into your setup is to use your TV’s or AV receiver’s RCA audio out. This method makes no changes to your existing setup besides adding one RCA cable. The even better news, the RCA cable you need is packaged with the F540.

Note: If you’re using HDMI with your Xbox 360 and your TV and/or AV receiver doesn’t have RCA audio out, you will need to buy the Xbox 360 Audio Adapter. They can be found for less than $10 on Amazon or Ebay.

Scenario 2: Standard AV cables but optical for audio
In this scenario, you have an AV receiver but only use it for optical audio. Luckily the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 allow you to output audio to more than one source at a time. If you have the component cable for the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, you can plug the RCA audio ends right into the F540’s wireless base. Once it’s hooked up, you’ll need to enable the “output to multiple audio devices” on the PlayStation 3 in the XMB. As for the Xbox 360, there is no setting that needs to be enabled. It’ll work right away.

Scenario 3: Standard AV cables for both video and audio
If you’re in this group, you might feel like you’re caught in a pickle. You’ll look at the standard AV cables and wonder how you’re going to get audio to your TV and your headset. One way would be similar to Scenario 1, using your TV’s audio out (if present). Another way is to use the RCA pass-through cable that Logitech provides. You’d plug one end into the TV and piggyback the console’s RCA audio onto that end. Next, you’ll plug the other end of the cable into the F540’s wireless base and you’re good to go.

Scenario 4: I just want to use the F540 with my PC
I’ve read numerous reviews of the F540 on Newegg and Amazon. Some of the reviews state that you can’t use the F540 with your PC. This is absolutely not true. If you’ve made it through hooking the F540 up to your console, then hooking it up to your PC will be a breeze. Although one drawback is the PC and PlayStation 3 configurations are identical. So you won’t be able to have both connected simultaneously. As for the actual PC setup, plug the mini-USB cable into the back of the wireless base and the other end into your PC. Immediately your PC should detect the wireless base and install drivers for it. Next you’ll need a 3.5mm headphone to RCA Y-cable. Since iPods became popular, most people refer to this cable as an “iPod Cable”. You’ll plug in the 3.5mm to your PC, and the RCA into the wireless base.

Now that we’re all setup with one of the aforementioned scenarios, we ask ourselves, how well does the F540 work?