LUXA2 GroovyW Bluetooth Speaker & Wireless Charging Station Review

Usage & Testing
Getting the GroovyW all setup and ready to play music is quite easy. You can use the USB charger to charge it up quite easily actually. The battery level indicator on the top will let you know when its fully charged. Hit the power button on the back of the GroovyW and a weird Asian voice well tell you that the device is on and in Bluetooth mode. Take your mobile device and go into the Bluetooth section and the GroovyW will show up. Select it and it will pair automadically, the same weird Asian voice will let you know that it is paired.

LUXA2 GroovyW Bluetooth Speaker & Wireless Charging Station

Once paired you can go ahead and listen to music or even take phone calls. I listened to all types of music with the GroovyW from electronic to rap and hip hop and everything sounded great and full. I have used the GroovyW in bathroom (yes I like to listen to music when I shower), office, kitchen, and even outside in my yard. While inside the GroovyW was loud enough to fill each room with sound, which is exactly what you want. While outside the GroovyW was more the loud enough, even for say a small get together or party atmosphere.

I used the GroovyW’s microphone to make a few calls and while people on the other end did say that I sounded clear and they could hear me they did point out that they could tell I was using something other than my phone.

LUXA2 GroovyW Bluetooth Speaker & Wireless Charging Station

As I said before the wireless charging station can be used as a wired charging station too. One thing that I did not realize is that the charging station also charges the GroovyW speaker when it is docked. The GroovyW can be charged wirelessly by any Qi compatible device. The wireless charging station can charge any Qi compatible device as well. It can also charge a wired device and wireless device at the same time.

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