M1 Max MacBook Pro Is 3X Faster Than 2019 Mac Pro 

According to the ProRes Benchmark Test, M1 Max MacBook Pro is 3X faster than the 2019 Mac Pro.

The all new Apple M1 Pro and M1 Max MacBook Pro have created quite a stir in the market with improved performance along with better battery life, and both incorporated in a single upgrade(very unusual in the laptop market). The information pouring about the Silicon chips utilized, describes well about the efficiency and speed of the new machines.

M1 MacBook Pro

To reach the highest echelon of ProRes performance on the 2019 Mac Pro, you need the 28-core Intel Xeon W CPU paired with the Afterburner card to accelerate playback and decoding of ProRes. Two beefy GPUs can only help, too–with advanced color grading. All of this comes at a very high cost, of course.

The M1 Max in the MacBook Pro includes two each of ProRes encoders and decoders, far outperforming the single decoder found in the MacPro’s Afterburner card.

The benchmarks demonstrate how serious Apple is about its ProRes performance. It surpassed the top-spec 2019 Mac Pro single-handedly due to the decoders and encoders found in M1 Max. Not only that, but it will also greatly improve the playback performance of multi-stream 8K content. Color grading generally benefits, too, with noise reduction and stabilization in Final Cut Pro being fast. This was traditionally the realm of ultra-powered workstations or the Mac Pro with expensive GPUs, but the ProRes implementation levels the playing field and dramatically lowers the cost of entry.”

The M1 Max ProRes benchmark test states that the new and improved 2021 MacBook Pro exports ProRes video three times quicker than the 2019 Mac Pro does. Macworld claims that even fitting an Afterburner card in the 2019 model couldn’t do much but decrease the quickness ratio from 3:1 to 2:1.

For the unversed, a ProRes benchmark test calculates and then compares the time taken in exporting a five-minute long ProRes RAW video to ProRes 422HQ. The less time it takes to complete the task, the faster the machine is. The test results show that the 2021 M1 Max MacBook Pro took 76 seconds in comparison with the 2019 Mac Pro which took 233 seconds alone and 153 seconds with an Afterburner card.

The Lightroom benchmarks have also found the silicon chips of the latest laptop models to be impressive.