M1 Ultra GPU Is Still Not As Powerful As The NVIDIA RTX 3090

Apple will have to review its M1 silicon marketing as the Apple M1 GPU is not as powerful as RTX 3090.

Apple had claimed earlier that M1 Ultra possessing a 64-core GPU is as powerful as high-end desktop GPU while expending 200W less power. However, this claim has been proven wrong.

M1 vs 3090

The Apple Mac Studio with M1 Ultra chip is a small form factor computer manufactured for content creators. The M1 Ultra basically showcases two M1 Max chips attached to each other, delivering 21 TFLOPs of graphics compute power. This new GPU by Apple has access to a very large cache of 128GB of unified memory. It was reported to be 5.3x times more than NVIDIA’s most powerful consumer GPU RTX 3090.

The company was claiming previously their M1 Ultra chip is offering identical performance in ‘industry-standard’ benchmarks, at the expense of less power.

Apple M1 Ultra SOC Geekbench 5 Benchmark Compute

After Apple lifted the embargo on Mac Studio reviews the reality was revealed. The tests conducted by The Verge have revealed that Apple’s M1 Ultra is no match for the NVIDIA RTX 3090. M1 Ultra could not show better performance in gaming and compute tests featuring OpenCL API.

The Mac Studio system which was analyzed by The Verge is the most powerful variant from Apple, being sold for around 6199 USD. It has a 20-core CPU, 64-core GPU, and 128 GB of memory. On the other hand, there has been a decrease in the price of RTX 3090. Hence proved that for better performance one should consider waiting for the RTX 3090 Ti.

Apple M1 Ultra SOC Shadow of The Tomb Raider Benchmark Gaming

Via The Verge, VideoCardz