MelGeek Pixel Lego-Themed Mechanical Keyboard Review

Usage & Final Thoughts

I’ve been using the Pixel as my main keyboard for a couple of weeks now. The typing experience on the keyboard is pretty good, but I wouldn’t suggest gaming on it. There are a few reasons for this. First the keycap profile is flat with the indent on the clear part of the cap. Most keyboards will have a profile where the keycaps are angled for a better overall feel and experience. The clear caps also are a bit slippery, especially compared to something like a PBT keycaps. There also is not much spacing between the keycaps either, so many times you accidently hit the wrong key or two keys at once.

If you are just using this keyboard for typing you can get used to it in a couple of days I would say. During my testing period I did all of my writing on this keyboard and then I would switch to a different keyboard when I wanted to do any gaming. Again, while the normal typing experience is pleasant, there are much better typing experiences out there. For those wondering what the Kailh Pixel T switches sound like, below is a sound test.


This keyboard can of course be used wired or wirelessly using Bluetooth or the included 2.4 GHz dongle. I used the keyboard in all three modes without any issues. The dongle works no problem and I was able to connect the keyboard via Bluetooth to both my PC and tablet.

Obviously the main selling point of this keyboard is its customization and compatibility with official Lego bricks. I really like that MelGeek did include their own tiles and bricks so you could do some customization on the keyboard without having to go buy Lego bricks right off the bat. On top of that they have a really cool customization website where you can design the front and back of your keyboard before you start building on it. This website also has a design gallery of premade designs from MelGeek and user-submitted designs. With Lego compatibility you can continue to add and change the keyboard overtime. And the possibilities are pretty endless as you can add cosmetic changes or even useful things like your own Lego-made phone holder.

Currently MelGeek has this keyboard as a Kickstarter project. The first pledge is $219 which will get you the keyboard in your selected colorway and choice of the Kailh Pixel L or Kailh Pixel T switches.

I think if you are into Legos or want a really cool showpiece for your setup this keyboard is going to be great for you, but if you are a gamer or want a better overall experience there are better keyboards out there, especially in this price range. Overall ThinkComputers gives the MelGeek Pixel Lego-Themed Mechanical Keyboard an 8 out of 10 score.

rating8 10

– Great unboxing experience
– Attention to detail on accessories
– Comes with tiles and bricks
– Lego compatible
– Switches feel good overall
– Ultimate customization

– Not the best typing experience
– Key profile is flat
– Keycaps are slippery
– Keycaps are very close together

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