Meta Quest Pro VR Headset And Controllers Leaked In Wild

A video surfaced on the internet recently that shows a detailed investigation of yet to be revealed Meta Quest Pro. The video shows a Meta Quest Pro retail package in a place that seems to be a hotel ‘lost-and-found’ room. The leaked video of the new high-end VR headset hints at what’s next for the upcoming VR headsets.

meta quest pro pics 2

The visuals of the clip show an opened box with a pair of motion controllers. The packaging varies significantly from that of the Quest 2. The video recording shows the front of the headset with triple video pass through lenses/sensors. Quite a big upgrade from the almost featureless front of the Quest 2, isn’t it? Looks like the controllers too have been changed extensively this time. The makers have skipped the bangle and moved to something similar to a wireless version of the old Wii Remote’s optional Nunchuck.

The video ends by providing a look at the packaging sleeve. The inner tray shows the Meta logo and the words ‘Meta Quest Pro,’ and the same is repeated on the outer sleeve. The package contents of HMD, controllers, and a charger or base station can be seen at the back; while the front has a picture of an upwards view of the headset.

meta quest pro pics 1

Reports state that the person who recorded the video claims the packaging had “Not for resale – engineering sample” written on it. Also, the person who mistakenly left the headsets in their hotel room is said to have contacted the hotel management to claim it back.

The upcoming Meta Quest Pro is expected to be revealed at the upcoming Meta Connect conference, on Tuesday, October 11.

Via Hothardware