Microsoft Announces Pluton CPU Security Chip With The Help From AMD, Intel, And Qualcomm

Hackers are bringing new techniques to tackle the developments in the field of Cyber Security. Although the built-in security chips like Apple’s T2 chip offer protection from these attacks but they also have their flaws. Considering the need for an improved system, Microsoft has made a new security chip, Microsoft Pluton processor, based on the technology used in Xbox and Azure Sphere.

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Microsoft says: “Windows 10 is the most secure version of Windows ever, built with end-to-end security for protection from the edge to the cloud down to the hardware.” To maintain their claim despite the rapidly evolving attackers, they have partnered up with Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm to announce the Pluton Security processor. The chip aims to enhance further the security of future Windows PCs and signals the beginning of a journey with ecosystem and OEM partners.

The chip was made because of the hardware and software that intersect at the core of the computer. And if security is built into the CPU, this would allow the chip to eliminate entire vectors of attack, making it more difficult for the hackers to penetrate the system by hiding under the operating system. It can also help recover from software bugs, preventing physical attacks, credentials, and encryption key theft.

Normally the operating system used to be in the chip called Trusted Platform Module (TPM). It was a great option in the past, but now it’s outdated as anyone can carry out a physical attack by intercepting the data in transit to the CPU. This is not the case with the Pluton processor as it is integrated into the CPU itself. Upon integration, it will first emulate a TPM that works with the existing TPM specifications and APIs, which will allow customers to immediately benefit from enhanced security for Windows features that rely on TPMs like BitLocker and System Guard. Moreover, it will also prevent credentials, user identities, encryption keys, and personal data, making it impossible to extract data through the malware of physical access to the PC.

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Not only this, but Pluton will also keep the firmware up to date, which means that Pluton will look after any pushed patch or loophole in the ecosystem. Microsoft will be able to put a security chip in the computer’s core (CPU) once the Pluton is successfully integrated with AMD, Intel, and Qualcomm CPUs. Microsoft believes that processors with built-in security are the new future, and these new processors are the new method of keeping everyone safe.

Via Microsoft