MillionManLan 10

Saturday felt like the main day of the event, likely because of the sheer number of people present. I participated in a few more tournaments, and my pug team for Call of Duty 4 actually got into the semifinals.

I found myself playing Team Fortress 2 for a while, then back to Call of Duty 4, then to Transformers: War for Cybertron, then Heroes of Newerth, and Quake 3 and Borderlands and so many more. People always ask me why I have my games installed to an SSD instead of my OS — I switch games so often that I’d be waiting for ages for games and their maps to load!

In the afternoon, there was a Tug of War. There were lots of teams. The staff team did amazing, even though they didn’t emerge victorious. Apparently, one or a few of them work for UPS’s facility in Louisville and do airplane towing as a “company pastime sport”. Until they fell to the winning team, they’d trounced every other team.

MillionManLan 10


Later that night was Duct Tape Wars. In this event, teams are tasked with creating a given something out of only duct tape to accomplish a given task. This time, the participants were asked to create a motorcycle which would be dropped down a ramp and judged based on how far it continued to roll after it left the table. Or, in some cases, how far it made it down the table without ever even making it to the floor!

My team’s didn’t do very well, but at least made it to the floor. It’s the effort that counts and I made some new friends in the process. We enjoyed listening to the Tron:Legacy soundtrack to get us in the mood.

Lastly, but certainly not least, it came down to two guys after one defeated a six year old girl in the Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament. More than three-fourths of the attendees participated in a really fun side event.

Knowing the schedule to be mostly empty for Sunday and with a seven hour drive ahead of me, I departed very early Sunday morning for my host’s place.

I had a great time at MillionManLAN. Troy “Burden” Schwartz and his staff do a great job of running fun tournaments, both in games and side events. UofL is a great place to have the event — it really is an advantage to Lanwar.

If you’re able to get to MillionManLAN next year, you should definitely go. It’s worth it, even for me driving down from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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