Monoprice Releases The New 34″ Dark Matter Ultrawide Curved Gaming Display

Monoprice has introduced the new 34″ Dark Matter Ultrawide curved gaming display, as well as a 49″ Super Ultrawide Dark Matter gaming display.

Monoprice’s Dark Matter gaming panels deliver excellent performance and an immersive experience at an economical price. They also offer the ultimate picture quality with minimal eye strain.

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The 34″ ultrawide Dark Matter gaming monitor (UWQHD), which is now on sale for $409.99 on Monoprice’s online shop, provides a bigger image with 35% more desktop real estate than typical 16:9 QHD gaming displays. The 34-inch curved display has a 1500R curvature that allows users to use it for long period of time while putting the least amount of strain on their neck and eyes. The screens are VESA compatible and feature adaptive sync. When combined with Monoprice’s Quantum LCD technology, the ultrawide gaming display provides greater color accuracy and a wider color gamut, as well as improved contrast and brightness.

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Monoprice’s newest 49″ Dark Matter gaming display is the equivalent of two 27″ 16:9 displays. The 1800R curved screen has a 5120 x 1440p resolution, 120 HZ refresh rate, and 32:9 aspect ratio. Along with Adaptive Sync-supported technology and VESA compatibility, the newest in the Dark Matter line is the most premium gaming display offered. Loaded with the same Quantum LCD technology enhances color accuracy, greater brightness, and deeper blacks.

427723 820x615 1

Monoprice offers a one-year pixel-perfect warranty, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and hassle-free shipping on all Dark Matter monitors. These new displays, as well as previous Dark Matter displays, are presently available for purchase through the company’s web store.