More Information On The Core i7-7740K and i5-7640K Leaks Out

As we previously reported, Intel is gearing up to fully combat AMD’s upcoming Ryzen onslaught on the CPU market. They will be launching two new processors, which will be the Core i7-7740K and Core i5-7640K. These new processors will not be part of the current Kaby Lake-S lineup which is where you’ll find the Core i7-7700K and i5-7600K desktop chips. These new chips will instead be part of the Kaby Lake-X lineup.


We not know that the TDP of these chips will be 112W, remember the flagship AMD Ryzen R7-1800X only has a TDP of 95W. One of the big things that sets Kaby Lake-X apart from Kaby Lake-S is that the “X” chips do not have integrated graphics. These chips will also have high-performance thermal interface material (TIM) under the integrated heatspreaders (IHS). The will have 100 MHz bumps in speed, but Intel could make them better overclocking chips.


These chips will also be based on the new 2660 socket. They should be launched later this year around Gamescom (August).

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