Mountain Makalu 67 Lightweight Gaming Mouse Review


Mountain does offer software for the Makalu 67, which is called Base Camp. This software is used for their other products as well. When you open up Base Camp you will see a list of Mountain devices you have connected to your PC.

mountain makalu 67 ss1

The Makalu 67 should show up here and you can click on the customize button below it to go into its settings. The first tab you are dropped into is “Profiles”. Here you can create, import, duplicate, and export different profiles.

mountain makalu 67 ss2

Next we have Lighting. Here we can set the effect for the lighting on the mouse. As far as effects go you have Static, Color Wave, Breathing, and Reactive. There is also a custom mode where you can set the color of each of the eight individual LEDs in the mouse.

mountain makalu 67 ss3

After that we have bindings where we can reprogram the six different buttons on the mouse. Each button can be fully reprogrammed as a mouse command, OS command, run a macro, run a program, multimedia command, a keyboard shortcut, or can be fully disabled.

mountain makalu 67 ss4

There is a full macro tab that makes it extremely easy to create and save macros.

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The last tab is Settings. Here you can set the five different DPI levels, polling rate, sensitivity, click speed, button response time, angle snapping, light off distance, and check for a firmware update.

mountain makalu 67 ss6


The RGB lighting on the Makalu 67 is comprised of eight RGB LEDs which are around the scroll wheel and DPI switch button. While each of the LEDs can be set a specific static color all of the effects can only be set in a single zone. Overall the lighting is good, but it would have been nice to see RGB lighting more in the palm area of the mouse.

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