MSI Announces New Range of AMD B450 Chipset Motherboards

MSI, the leading motherboard manufacturer, is proud to announce that MSI B450 motherboards are on shelf now. To satisfy all kinds of gamers and users, MSI has prepared motherboards in Performance GAMING, Arsenal GAMING and PRO Series. With more MSI exclusive features and hardware improvements, MSI B450 motherboards allow users to maximize performance and gain better gaming experiences.

According to MSI OC Lab, we are proud to achieve CPU frequency up to 5.7 GHz with three of MSI B450 motherboards. With highly optimized design and premium layout and MSI exclusive feature, Core Boost, the B450 GAMING PLUS, B450 TOMAHAWK, and B450M MORTAR all push AMD Ryzen 2600X CPU frequency rate over 5.7 GHZ by using LN2, with 5781 MHz, 5752 MHz, and 5771 MHz respectively. This is an incredible result to show that MSI B450 motherboards are perfect with higher performance.

This time, MSI motherboards are well-prepared, packed with several brand-new features to fulfill gamers and professional users’ needs. To make updating the BIOS even easier than before, most of the MSI B450 motherboards are equipped with BIOS Flashback+, which is built on the back panel to simplify flashing the BIOS and continue gaming within minutes. More conveniently, BIOS Flashback+ even works without a CPU, memory or graphics card installed. Shipped with the new AMD SSD technology ‘StoreMI’, and MSI’s exclusive X-Boost, MSI B450 motherboards will provide an optimized transfer experience. StoreMI helps create a virtual SSD by blending storage capacity, treats flash as primary storage and optimizes data access with continuous monitoring. Combined with MSI’s X-Boost, transfer performance can be increased up to 10%, significantly boosting data transferring speeds.

Inheriting the CARBON design from MSI’s critically acclaimed CARBON motherboards, the new B450 GAMING PRO CARBON AC performs in style, offering customization options by using MSI Mystic Light and Mystic Light Extension. With millions of colors and 10 preset LED effects using a smartphone, tablet or Windows PC, Mystic Light extends the brilliant RGB experience. The MSI Mystic Light ecosystem is supported by the world’s biggest hardware brands to ensure perfect synchronization of their RGB products, such as keyboards, mice, and headphones with MSI motherboards. B450 GAMING PRO CARBON AC also includes AMD Turbo USB 3.1 Gen2 to offer never before seen USB speeds with uninterrupted connection and more stability. In addition, Audio Boost 4 with Nahimic 3 and Voice Boost ensure the highest sound quality through the use of premium quality audio components and an isolated audio PCB. A new feature called Voice Boost can auto-adjust the volume, allowing gamers to have a perfect balance between ingame sound and VOIP for crystal clear communication during games. B450 GAMING PRO CARBON AC boasts many more features such as extended heatsink design to ensure better thermal conditions, 2x M.2 slots to support up to 32 Gb/s and M.2 SHIELD to prevent the M.2 devices from throttling.

Inspired by a military concept, B450 TOMAHAWK perfectly demonstrates stronger, tougher and heavier design. Equipped with exclusive MSI features for gamers, the Extended heatsink design is definitely the best thermal solution to keep the temperature in check. Core Boost features a highly optimized design and premium layout, ensuring faster and undistorted power delivery to the CPU at pinpoint precision. B450 TOMAHAWK also allows further customization such as a sticker area that allows gamers to apply their favorite stickers on the heatsink cover and Mystic Light to personalize RGB effects with millions of colors and 10 preset LED effects. For a faster gaming experience, M.2 slot and AMD Turbo USB 3.1 Gen2 with X-Boost will provide faster transfer speeds for SSD and USB devices. Ready for the most powerful graphics cards, the B450 TOMAHAWK is equipped with both PCIe Steel Armor and Steel Slot to prevent any damage for heavy-weight graphic cards.

B450M MORTAR, the most iconic MSI Micro-ATX motherboard is designed within the military concept, meaning a tough look & feel. With an extended heatsink design, B450M MORTAR supports processors with more cores and provides better thermal performance. A dedicated area allows gamers to customize this board with unique stickers using their own imagination. Furthermore, B450M MORTAR is equipped with 2x M.2 slots and AMD Turbo USB 3.1 Gen2 to provide a blazingly fast gaming experience. MSI’s DDR4 Boost helps to achieve maximum RAM performance while maintaining perfect stability. In addition to the classic dark design, MSI now introduces and all new B450M MORTAR TITANIUM with bulletproof appearance for those who love a unique style.

MSI B450 Motherboards:

  • B450M MORTAR
  • B450-A PRO
  • B450M PRO-VDH
  • B450M PRO-M2

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