Steam is Having The Biggest User Decline In Years

Steam’s numbers are on a downward trend, and it is one of the biggest decline’s we’ve seen in years. What is causing this decline? Well I’m sure many of you are thinking Battle Royale games, but there are other factors here as well. We are right in the middle of Steam’s Summer decline. Typically Steam sees user counts peak annually in January and decline into the summer. This year the decline is quite significant compared to previous years, numbers have gone down by 17% compared to 9% last year.


This means that Steam’s usual rate of growth is going down. One could say that Steam’s massive user peak earlier this year was courtesy of PUBG’s massive sales numbers. Since then player numbers have fallen off significantly. Although that alone is not enough for the massive decline.

We also of course have Fortnite, which is one of the most popular games out right now, and that is not available on Steam, but rather run through Epic Games distribution service. So many gamers just will not have Steam open when they are playing Fortnite.

SuperData research has found evidence that Fortnite is pulling players from other games, seeing stream viewership and digital spending declines across mother other popular online titles.

Whatever the reason might be for this decline in Steam numbers it is the fastest we’ve seen user counts drop in the past 3 years on Steam.

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