MSI CLAW Gaming Handheld To Launch On March 8th In The US

The release date and pricing of the MSI CLAW will vary significantly based on the region of sale. Preorders are currently open in Germany, Spain, and the UK, with pricing raising concerns. In the US, the pricing aligns with the company’s CES announcement.


MSI CLAW will be offered in 3 variants featuring either the Core Ultra 7 155H or Core Ultra 5 135H processor, along with options for 1TB and 512GB storage. The initial release in the US will be the middle variant priced at $749, launching on March 8th, followed by the $799 and $699 options a week later.

The forefront of gaming handhelds, MSI’s CLAW takes the lead as the initial device to showcase the powerful Core Ultra series. Players have the option to select the Core Ultra 7 155H, offering 16 CPU cores and Arc graphics with 8 Xe-Cores, or the Core Ultra 5 135H, featuring 14 CPU cores and 7 Xe-Cores for graphics.


Included in the official accessories are the MSI Claw keychain, docking station, travel case, and screen protector, each available for separate purchase. The 135H variant, priced at $699, might encounter tough competition from AMD-based products, particularly when comparing it to the faster ASUS ROG Ally and Legion GO. These handhelds are fueled by the AMD Phoenix APU, known for its superior performance in numerous games. Additionally, both systems are frequently available at prices lower than their initial $699 introduction.

Source: Newegg