MSI Hints of AMD Increasing AM4 CPU Core Counts

It seems both Intel and AMD will be increasing core counts on their mainstream desktop processors. We’ve know for a while that Intel will be releasing an 8-core socket LGA1151 processor, but it seems now AMD might be increasing core counts above 8-cores on their desktop processors. This tip comes from a recent marketing video for their AMD B450 motherboards which says the boards support 8-core “and up” CPUs.

msi core boost

AMD will get their chance to add more cores to their CPU micro-architecture with “Zen 2”, which will be built on the 7nm process. If AMD is going to keep the same CCX design they could increase per-CCX core counts. A 50% core-count increase would enable 12-core processors and a 100% increase could bring 16-core processors to the AM4 platform. The MSI video (below) confirms that these processors will have backwards compatibility with existing 400-series chipsets, even if they launch alongside the newer 500-series chipset.

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