MSI Reveals GeForce RTX 4090 AERO S With Blower Fan

MSI has quietly released a new RTX 4090 AERO S graphics card with blower-type design. The blower-type design is different from the widely used axial fan design found in most RTX 4090 cards available. However, the MSI AERO S card is not an exception anymore, as there have been recent launches incorporating this design in the past month.

IMG 6229

Blower RTX 40 designs commonly share minimal branding, possibly to avoid drawing unnecessary attention from NVIDIA. As observed with the RTX 30 series, NVIDIA was not particularly receptive to such designs. The emergence of more affordable GeForce RTX cards with blower designs could pose a potential threat to NVIDIA’s workstation RTX models. While these cards may not provide the same capabilities as the official RTX ADA professional series, they can still handle many compute-intensive workloads effectively, even with smaller memory and limited drivers.

IMG 6230

The card comes with an AD102-300 GPU, boasting 16384 CUDA cores, and is coupled with 24GB of GDDR6X memory. While MSI has not released official specifications, it is highly likely that this card will have a power limit of 450W, which is a typical feature of blower-style RTX 4090 models. Most of these cards utilize 3×8-pin to 12VPHWR 450W power adapters, ensuring that there won’t be any additional power available for prolonged work sessions.

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Images Credit: ShiinaChaos