New MacBook Pro To Feature Touch ID and OLED Function Keys

Apple is expected to refresh their MacBook Pro lineup in just a couple of months. The Macbook Pro has had the same design for quite a while not, but it looks like some big changes are coming to Apple’s flagship laptop. These will include a new power button that has Touch ID built into it and OLED touch sensitive function keys.

We have heard rumors of the OLED touch-sensitive buttons for a while now, but today 9to5Mac has claimed that the OLED touch-sensitive keys are very real. On top of that they claim that the 2016 MacBook Pro will have a power button with Touch ID built right into it:

“A source who has provided reliable information in the past has informed us that the new MacBook Pro models, expected to be launched in the fall, will feature a Touch ID power button as well as the previously-reported OLED touch-sensitive function keys.”

Touch ID can be used a various different ways, the most obvious is being able to wake up your notebook and authenticate it using your fingerprint. But with Apple Pay and other services making use of Touch ID it makes sense to add it to their laptops as well.

The new 2016 Macbook Pro is expected to also have a USB-C port with support for Thunderbolt 3.

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