New Report Suggests Nintendo Switch 2 Will Feature 1080p Screen And Full Backward Compatibility

According to a recent report from a Chinese peripheral manufacturer, the next iteration of the Nintendo Switch will represent a modest advancement in hardware compared to the original model. As disclosed in an edited Facebook post earlier this week by Mobapad, the new console is said to maintain compatibility with current Pro Controller and Joy-Con controllers, along with HD rumble support through an ALPS dual-axis linear motor. However, the size of the new Joy-Con motor is expected to be reduced. While the existing Joy-Con controllers will remain compatible with the Nintendo Switch 2, they won’t be attachable in handheld mode due to a new horizontal magnetic docking system exclusively designed for the updated controllers.


Mobapad disclosed that the Nintendo Switch 2 will boast full backward compatibility, accommodating both physical and digital editions of original Switch games. Additionally, the new console will maintain the USB-C port for docking, which will be compatible with updated docks featuring slight design enhancements, including a metal bracket for better angle adjustments. Confirming earlier speculations, the console’s screen is expected to be slightly larger than its predecessor’s, supporting a 1080p resolution.

Switch 2 Mobapad

Ultimately, Mobapad views the Nintendo Switch 2 as a conservative hardware evolution, akin to a Pro version of the original console rather than a revolutionary overhaul. However, this perspective isn’t necessarily negative, as it ensures compatibility with all existing Switch features while offering an improved gaming experience.