Next-Gen NVIDIA PG137 (TITAN ADA) GPU with 48GB Memory Spotted

Memory specifications are listed in the shipping manifest for the TITAN engineering sample. NVIDIA is officially supplying PG137 engineering boards to global research and development facilities. It appears that one of the units was discovered by a business monitoring shipment manifest bound for India. The GPU manufacturer sent at least a few testing boards to its regional development centre.

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The PG137 board design is a possible TITAN RTX ADA board. Initial reference was made by Kopite7kimi, who disclosed that this motherboard supports up to 48GB of RAM. The shipment manifest, which displays 48GB of GDDR6 RAM for one of the devices being carried, now appears to validate this information.

Notably, only GDDR6 and not GDDR6X are mentioned. This might indicate that TITAN is not using GDDR6X memory but rather GDDR6 memory with a higher clock speed. Moreover, at least two distinct SKUs are mentioned: SKU 0 and SKU 330, which may explain why various leakers seem to provide relatively different information.

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An image of the TITAN RTX ADA GPU has been released in recent days. This quad-slot GPU architecture is maybe the first NVIDIA graphics card to include a vertical PCB with stacked display ports. Upcoming graphics cards may use a PCB that is parallel to the motherboard, which would represent a radical change in design.

The only distinction between the manifests and the preceding image is the modification of the product code from EB2 to TS1. This presumably stands for Engineering Board and Sample Test. One thing is evident, however: the design is certainly at an advanced level of development, and it even featured the same colour as prior generation TITAN models.

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Image Credit: MegasizeGPU