Next-Gen Playstation to be Powered By 8-Core Zen 2 and Navi

Details on the next PlayStation console has been outed by Sony’s own lead system architect Mark Cerny. While the name of the console is not confirmed we can assume it will be called the PlayStation 5. While we do not typically talk about consoles here at ThinkComputers (PCMasterRace all the way!), it is very interesting that Cerny confirmed that an AMD Navi GPU will be powering the upcoming console. This is more than likely going to be a custom Navi GPU designed specifically for this console. Another interesting bit on information is that this new console will have ray tracing.

We of course are expecting Navi to be out before this next-generation console (E3 2019), but the fact that next-gen console development kits are already being seeded, at an increasing rate, according to Sony is a good thing which means Navi is ready and that ray tracing could be adopted by more developers.

Cerny also said that 3D audio will finally have its own dedicated hardware, which Sony wants to leverage to bring a massive leap in audio quality compared to PS3 and PS4.

Finally Cerny confirmed the console will be using an AMD 8-core Zen 2 CPU as well as having 8K resolution support. Remember that “support” does not mean actual output. The unit will have a “faster-than-SSD” storage subsystem, which Cerny said is faster than consumer-grade SSD solutions. The devices will also be backwards compatible, which is expected.

Via Wired

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