Next-Gen Xbox Due Early November for $499

Just a couple of days ago we told you that Microsoft will be holding an Xbox event on May 21st. Many people suspect this is where the next-generation Xbox console will be revealed, I mean the event is being dubbed #XboxReveal on twitter so we can only assume we will get our first look at the new console at the event. One of the first people to announce the event date was Paul Thurrott and he was on this well before Microsoft Announced it. Now Paul has said that the console will be available for purchase in early November for $499 or just $299 with a $10 subscription.

This sounds about right, but of course we will have to see what Microsoft says on May 21st. Paul also mentioned in his post that the new console will be based on Windows 8 and will have a Blu-ray drive. Are you excited for the next Xbox console?

Source: Windows IT Pro | News Archive

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