Nintendo Switch 2 To Be Widely Available In Stores At Launch

Nintendo aims to prevent scalping of the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 by ensuring sufficient production to meet consumer demand. According to VGC, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa addressed this issue during a recent Q&A with shareholders, stating that the company plans to produce enough consoles so that customers won’t need to buy from resellers.

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Additionally, Nintendo may implement other measures depending on regional circumstances. Fortunately, producing enough consoles should not be a significant challenge, as the semiconductor shortage that previously affected Switch production is no longer a problem.

We’ve previously heard that the Nintendo Switch 2 should be readily available in stores at launch. Earlier this year, display shipment data suggested that Nintendo plans to produce over 10 million units in the console’s first fiscal year. This approach aims to avoid the situation faced by the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, which were extremely difficult to find in stores for many months.

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The Nintendo Switch 2 hasn’t been officially announced yet, but a complete reveal is expected before the end of the year. We’ll provide updates as soon as more information becomes available, so stay tuned for the latest news.

Source: VGC