Noblechairs Announces its Skyrim 10th Anniversary Edition Gaming Chair

The Noblechairs’ have unveiled their Special Edition chairs in partnership with Bethesda Softworks in the past, such as the Fallout Vault-Tec and Elder Scrolls, and now it is time for Skyrim game fans.

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Skyrim enthusiasts will be thrilled by this release which is designed to take distinctive elements from the game. It features a premium all-black base, displays the Seal of Akatosh on the headrest, and the exquisite 10th Anniversary logo embroidered on the back of the chair. The bolster of the chair also captions words of power and dragon leather accents.

Noblechairs is an award winner of over 250 product awards and is well known for positive feedback from its many incredible customers.

Noblechairs is a German brand famous for making world-class premium quality gaming chairs. They are praised all across the globe as they keep durability and ergonomics as their key motives.

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Having award-winning characteristics such as the adjustable backrest with an internal lumbar support mechanism, 4D armrests, and a locking mechanism, the Skyrim 10th Anniversary Edition is completely ergonomic with extra lumbar support.

You can register yourself on the website to be the first one to know when the pre-orders go live.

Via Noblechairs