Nvidia tells us to get ‘Amped’ up for GTC 2020 keynote

Nvidia talked about its updated plan for next month’s GPU Technology Conference keynote (GTC 2020). The company made a teaser, indicating its upcoming discussions about AI, high-performance computing, data science, autonomous machines, healthcare and graphics.

Nvidia will be putting up a recorded keynote addressed by its CEO Jensen Huang on the May 14th, 2020, 6 AM PST via Youtube. It also addressed that it was supposed to be on the March 23rd but cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, it did decide to move towards a digital conference, resulting in getting 45,000 attendees to register.

Nvidia’s first- an online GTC Presentation

Nvidia’s GTC presentation is one of the important annual presentations as its widely used to talk about next-generation GPU architecture. But GTC isn’t really about consumer-centric discrete graphics cards, let alone gaming. It also should be noted that Nvidia is working on a 5nm design. Due to the nature of a digital broadcast, the GTC 2020 presentations will be broken down to multiple video sessions. There will be a number of presentations and sessions posted categorically in Nvidia’s Youtube channel. This is the first for Nvidia. But many companies will be using online presentations to showcase their near future plans.

This will be an interesting year for all chipmakers. Nvidia and AMD will face a new competitor from Intel discrete graphics market with the Xe GPU lineups. This will mark Intel’s first step in the discrete graphics market. So Nvidia might be showing its next supercomputer implementations. There’s also the upcoming 7nm discrete graphics card but nothing is really talked about.

Source: Nvidia

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