Intel 10nm Tiger Lake CPUs and Xe GPUs to debut together in Q4 2020

Intel really didn’t speak about its first discrete graphics card lineups with ‘Xe’ architecture. Unlike most releases with Nvidia and maybe AMD, many have realistic expectations chipmaker’s first venture into the unchartered territory. The CPU maker is facing Nvidia GeForce and AMD Radeon as a graphics chipset competition. But that also makes it exciting since we will now have a third player in a once duopoly market. Intel also has well-known names like Raja Koudari who worked in AMD’s Radeon Technology division until 2017. the blue team has the advantage of having many AIB partners under its belt. With big names working on Intel’s firstborn discrete GPU baby, things are looking promising. Competition is always good.

About Tiger Lake

Intel’s upcoming notebook CPU will be using its 10nm++ process. It is using Willow Cove architecture that will succeed Sunny Cove used in Ice Lake. Expectedly, these will have higher performance, better cache performance and better efficiency for notebooks, providing better performance with higher battery life and clock speed. The chipmaker’s notebook manufacturers will pass on these benefits to its buyers- and maybe even have a slimmer, lighter design to brag about.

Intel’s conversation with investors

We already know Intel’s Xe discrete graphics cards will be out before the year 2020 ends. There were some pre-engineering SKU leaks, reference version’s shroud design and power consumption for respective versions. Its 14nm Comet Lake-S desktop CPUs will be debuting soon with the Z490 chipset and the all-new LGA 1200 socket.

But Intel CEO Bob Swan did speak up about the second 10nm Tiger Lake CPU. During an investor’s meeting, Mr Swan said:

In the middle of this year, we’ll debut our next-generation mobile processor, Tiger Lake. Using our second-generation 10-nanometer process, Tiger Lake will deliver breakthrough performance, and our customers have more than 50 fantastic Tiger Lake-based notebook designs lined up for the holiday season.

Bob Swan did not talk about 10nm++ desktop CPUs. Maybe December would be too close for Intel to release something new. But it is facing stiff competition with AMD Ryzen 3rd generation. and the upcoming 4th gen Perhaps they’re waiting to see how it performs against the competition once it is released. Intel doesn’t have a lot of breathing space throughout the year for its desktop CPUs. But it has everything to gain from the discrete GPU segment.

Meanwhile on the other side of the fence…

AMD is tightening its defences with the new Ryzen 3 3100 and 3300X with the new B550 chipset supporting PCIe 4.0 x16 bandwidth. There’s also the Ryzen 4000 desktop CPUs that would be something daunting for Intel to keep up. Nvidia GeForce’s new graphics cards will succeed the RTX 20 series graphics cards and they are expected soon.

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