NVIDIA could Launch its Ampere GA100 GPU Under CMP HX Mining Series

A well-known leakster, @kopite7kimi, thinks that NVIDIA is considering the possibility of releasing a flagship graphics card under its CMP crypto mining graphic card series, based on the GA 100 GPU.

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The NVIDIA A-100 was the first Ampere GPU to be released months before the launch of the GeForce RTX 30 lineup. It was designed with consideration to compute workloads. As per @kopite7kimi, it is a mining beast, and he also claimed that NVIDIA’s upcoming 5th graphic under its CMP series might be based on the GA 100 GPU. Unfortunately, Kopite didn’t provide any figures for hash rates or mining performance.

NVIDIA’s A100 was also known as A100 Tensor Core GPU, which was released in an SXM form factor. Later on, a PCIe version with passive cooling was also introduced.

Since NVIDIA A100 is a compute-oriented architecture, it will surely perform better than GA102+ gaming GPUs, but miners will only consider it if the price is nominal, which might be a problem as it currently retails for 10,000 USD. The CMP variant of the A100 GPU will surely cost less, but it would also lack support for the data center.

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As for the features, the A100 Tensor Core offers up to 19.5 TLFOPs in single-precision calculations. It also has 40GB HBM2 RAM operating at 1.6 TB/s.

Kopite hasn’t given information on the CMP variant of the A100 GPU, but the timeline for CMP cards is: 30HX and 40HX Turing-based models will be released by the end of March, while the 50HX and 90HX will be released in Q2 2021.

Via Twitter