Nvidia Enthusiast System Architecture

So, is ESA the end-all, the system that will end your dependence on third-party software or going into the BIOS? No, you’ll probably still use CPUZ, and if you’ve been using Rivatuner to overclock your video card, you may still use that, though I see no need. And as I mentioned, CPU overclocking is still best done in the BIOS.

But I do feel that nVidia has taken us a long way closer to the holy grail, the perfect one-place monitor and tweaking system. The capability of running real-time graphs and setting profiles and rules gives ESA a lot of power to do what you need. It is much more than just a cool oddity to play with once and forget.

Of course you have to use ESA-compliant devices. The number of ESA partners and compliant devices is growing, so it is getting easier to find them. If you already use nForce motherboards and geForce video cards, you’re halfway there anyway.

If you would like to know more about ESA and what it will do, I recommend downloading the ESA Tech Brief PDF from nVidia’s site.