CES 2009: MSI Notebooks

MSI had one of the most exciting booths this year at CES, probably because they were just showing off their notebooks. MSI is not a new comer to the notebook market, but are not as well knows as others, but after you see what they showed at CES they will definitely be on your radar. Let’s take a look and see what they have in store for us.

X-Slim Series

The big draw to the MSI notebook booth was the X-Slim Series X320 notebook. This notebook is extremely slim with a maximum thickness of about 1.98cm and is only 6mm thick in parts! It definitely strikes a resemblance to the Macbook Air, but I for one like the 13-inch size. Not only thin, it is extremely light too coming in at 1.3kg!

CES 2009: MSI Notebooks CES 2009: MSI Notebooks

The X320 is based off the latest Intel Menlow mobile processing platform and features a 13.4-inch LCD that will give you a 16:9 aspect ratio. With the full 8-cell battery you will get around 10 hours of battery life! You still get 3 USB ports, Ethernet port, VGA out, and audio ports on the sides of the X320.

CES 2009: MSI Notebooks CES 2009: MSI Notebooks CES 2009: MSI Notebooks CES 2009: MSI Notebooks

Gaming Notebooks

MSI also has a line of gaming notebooks called the G Series. The 2 heavyweights of the series are the GT725 and GT727. Both are 17-inch models, but the main difference between the 2 is that the 727 has DDR3 memory and the 725 has DDR2, besides that they are basically the same. Each is based off the Intel PM45 + Intel ICH9M chipset which will run an Intel Centrino 2 processor. As far as graphics go you get an ATI Radeon HD4850 with 512MB DDR3 built in. You can also choose from 160, 250, and 320GB storage options and up to 4GB of memory. These are the first notebooks from MSI that were able to break a score of 10,000 in 3DMark06!

CES 2009: MSI Notebooks CES 2009: MSI Notebooks

MSI also has 2 15.4-inch gaming models the GT627 and GX630. The GT627 is basically the 15.4-inch model of the GT725, except for the fact that it uses an Nvidia Geforce 9800M GS for graphics. The GX630 on the other hand is based off the Nvidia MCP77 chipset so you will get to choose an AMD TurionX2 processor. For graphics on the GX630 you are getting an Nvidia Geforce 9600M GT.

CES 2009: MSI Notebooks CES 2009: MSI Notebooks

All of the MSI gaming notebooks feature turbo drive engine (TDE) technology that allows you to speed up your CPU or system operation at the touch of a turbo button. Also many of the gaming models feature a carbon fiber design.

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