NVIDIA GeForce GT 1010 Has Already Been Tested in Geekbench

NVIDIA GeForce GT 1010 was rumored to be launched last year in January but the official announcement about the specifications has not yet been made. The NVIDIA driver website shows this entry-level card but it is still not available anywhere else.

NVIDIA GT 1030 Performance

The only feature we got hold of through the driver is that it is based on the Pascal GP108 GPU. Interestingly, someone tested the NVIDIA GeForce GT 1010 by Geekbench’s GPU tests. It was confirmed through it that it is based on a cut-down silicon.

The low end card features 256 CUDA cores. It also possesses 2GB memory and has a boost clock of 1468 MHz. According to the reports, it is evident it features 6 Gbps GDDR6 memory.


The above mentioned card is probably slower. As compared to GT 1030, it has proven to be 35% slower in the 3 Geekbench graphics API tests performed.

NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030 2

Via VideoCardz