NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 Is Outselling The RTX 4080 On eBay By A Huge Margin

Tom’s Hardware has a fantastic breakdown of GeForce RTX 40 sales on eBay in the United States. The RTX 4080 appears to have been a horrifying experience for scalpers.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 Graphics Card

The demand for RTX 4080 has passed its high, but was there really a peak? NVIDIA is having a hard time persuading players to buy their newer AD103-based model. Many gamers are looking at the RTX 4090 instead of the RTX 4080 because it costs more but has a huge performance advantage.

Certainly, this tendency can be seen in the increasing amount of US transactions made on eBay. The RTX 4090 sells at a rate that is 3.4 times higher than the RTX 4080. NVIDIA’s bet to release another $1000+ card has backfired. And for those who get an advantage due to the limited supply of a newly released piece of gear, the situation is dire; however, not with the RTX 4080.

Sales of the GeForce RTX 4080 are extremely low when compared to the flagship, with the RTX 4090 outselling the RTX 4080 by 3.4 to 1.
•Approximately eight RTX 4080 graphics cards are sold daily on eBay in the United States.
•Since its release, sales of the RTX 4080 on eBay have been stagnant or declining.
•Compared to the RTX 4090’s average price markup of 38% over MSRP, the RTX 4080’s average markup of 30% over MSRP is substantially lower.
•An average of 64 RTX 4090 cards were sold daily in the first week, and the average selling price was 54% over MSRP.
•Following the RTX 4080, the flagship 4090 appears to be gaining popularity.
— Tom’s Hardware

rtx 4090 ebay

The NVIDIA RTX 4080 is not hard to come by; on the contrary, new cards are constantly being added to the market, making it a good choice for gamers. Only 65 cards have been sold on eBay since the card’s release. This indicates that, on average, just 8 RTX 4080 cards are sold daily.

Some speculate that, shortly, scalpers may be compelled to reduce their ludicrous pricing and possibly contemplate selling at a loss. Things might get considerably more complex for NVIDIA when AMD releases its Radeon RX 7900 series in three weeks. Both forthcoming Radeon GPUs are expected to be less than $1,000.

Via Tom’s Hardware