NVIDIA Officially Announces the GeForce GTX 780 Graphics Card

Well the wait is over, NVIDIA has officially announced the GeForce GTX 780 graphics card. This card is the first addition to its GeForce 700 Series desktop lineup. This card is based on the same GK110 chip that was in the GTX Titan, but it has 2304 CUDA cores and 192 TMUs compared to the 2688 CUDA cores and 224 TMUs of the GTX Titan. The card uses 3GB of GDDR5 memory over a 384-bit bus.

NVIDIA is using the same PCB and cooler design that was on the Titan as well. The only real way to tell the two cards apart is the lack of memory chips on the back of the GTX 780. The card will feature the GPU Boost 2.0 technology that first debuted with the GTX Titan. The GPU core is set at 863 MHz with a GPU boost of 900 MHz and the memory is at 6 GHz (effective). NVIDIA has lifted the tight restrictions that we saw on the GTX Titan and is allowing AIB partners to create their own custom cards. Prices for the reference card should start at $649.99.

Source: NVIDIA | News Archive

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