Nvidia places orders for 7nm Ampere, 5nm Hopper with TSMC, Samsung

Reports indicated Nvidia placing orders for its next-generation 7nm Ampere chips for RTX 30 series graphics and 5nm Hopper architecture. The company has placed these orders with two major chip manufacturers- TSMC and Samsung. Earlier, we did know its designing 5nm chips but for what was not clear.

Hopper architecture will use TSMC’s 5nm production and will be succeeding Ampere in the future. Nvidia is most likely placing this order well in advance as TSMC is going to manufacture 5nm ARM processors for Apple. It is also rumoured to fabricate AMD 5000 series CPUs.

Samsung’s manufacturing

nvidia ampere

Samsung, on the other hand, will be responsible to fabricate low-end Ampere graphics cards. This way, Nvidia can get highest possible for next-generation and its successor, while Samsung can manufacture low-end chips. This low-end Ampere architecture might use the older 7nm EUV or even 8nm process. It is uncertain at this time if Samsung will be making 5nm Hopper chips for the discrete graphics company. The number of Ampere SKUs that’s would be made by Samsung is unknown for now.

RTX 30 series is going to arrive pretty soon. Soon enough that its AIC partners are clearing older RTX 20 series stocks with deals. There are information leaks about the RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 3080 but not a lot of information is known beyond that. With RTX functions enabled for older and remastered games, in-game DirectX Ray Tracing is here to stay. While there is nothing concrete from AMD Radeon, Intel Xe is expected to arrive by late 2020.

Source: DigiTimes

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