NVIDIA Will Name it’s Next Generation 5nm GPU Architecture ‘Lovelace’

Rumors are making rounds that NVIDIA might delay its multi-chip design known as Hopper so it can introduce a new monolithic series, Lovelace. To clear the confusion about GPU codenames, NVIDIA uses Lovelace externally, named after British mathematician Ada Lovelace while internally NVIDIA uses ‘ADxxx’.

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As per a Twitter user, @kopite7kimi, NVIDIA might delay Hopper’s launch to introduce new Lovelace architecture on 5nm. Currently, it is unclear that who will manufacture the architecture as both Samsung and TSMC are capable of manufacturing the 5nm chips.

It is rumored that NVIDIA Hopper will feature a multi-chip design upon its launch but, we don’t know whether this architecture will be launched in the gaming sector or will be kept exclusive to the HPC market.

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Ada Lovelace has already made her appearance on NVIDIA’s t-shirt: ‘Company of Heroes’ which tells whose name might be used for a new architecture in the future.

Via Twitter