Oculus Quest 2 Will Get Wireless Gameplay Via ‘Air Link’ Update

OCULUS Quest 2 will soon get a new feature that will allow users to play PC VR games wirelessly.

Currently, a USB C connection is required between the PC and Quest 1 or the Quest 2 to play PC VR games through the Oculus link. It is time-consuming and can also cause injury if the player trips over the cable while playing the game.

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This will change with the arrival of Oculus Air Link, which will allow users to stream PC VR games to the VR through their home’s wifi network.

Oculus Link cables will still provide a robust and consistent experience, while those with a strong Wi-Fi setup can choose to stream wirelessly through Air Link”

Oculus has warned that Air Link is part of an experiment, and they can’t guarantee a smooth experience.

We’ll work to improve Air Link over time, including performance, visual quality, and the ability to run in less than ideal wireless scenarios”

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In order to enable Air Link on your Quest 2, you will need to download the v28 update of the Oculus software for both the PC and the headset, once it is available. Next, open Settings in the Beta PC app and enable the Air Link toggle. Then wear your Quest 2, navigate to Settings and select Experimental, where you will find the option of enabling Air link.