Online casinos: Are gaming PCs necessary now?

Online gambling is one of the biggest industries at the moment worth 53.7 Billion USD and growing at an expected annual compound growth rate of 11% from 2020-2027. As technology advances, online gambling has become similar to video games and the laptop you used years ago is not going to be sufficient enough. If you want to enjoy your online gambling experience to the best of your ability then you will definitely need to start upgrading the hardware that you use because games have changed. This is how and what you’ll need today and in the future to come:

Improved visuals in games

Over the past few years visuals in online casinos have changed and improved to resemble more of a video game. The games have storylines and quests etc. The visuals have improved and include graphics similar to console gaming, depending on the online casino that you play with, and Joy Casino has some of the latest games with the best visuals around; if that sounds appealing, the review can be read here. In order for you to have a better experience, you need to upgrade your equipment and have a better graphics card.

The minimum system requirements for online gambling include:

  • 4GB of RAM (Random Access Memory): RAM is your PCs short term memory. It stores information needed to run and process applications properly. You need a minimum of 8GB RAM to play games smoothly but you can have as little as 4GB.
  • GHz processor: Your GHz processor is responsible for receiving inputs and responding to outputs. The more powerful the processor, the more information it can handle.
  • 1024 x 768 minimum screen resolution
  • Flash player 10.2 or above
  • 512 KB/s internet speed

Going forward, always make sure that your PC is up to date and that you have a fast internet speed. This will always work to your advantage.

Live casino games

One of the most popular games to play on online casinos are live casino games. Live casinos game are games that are shown through a live stream video link in actual time from a casino table. Online players bet on their computers and talk to their dealer using the chatting function. Live casino games are good for bringing a more vibrant and authentic casino experience into your home because it is more interactive however, you cannot use any old computer, you need good equipment and graphics to enjoy live casino games.

To enjoy live casino games you need to have a good operating system, a good processor, a good graphic card and a good monitor. Again, good internet speed and an up to date PC is also very important.

VR and AR games

VR games are games that use virtual reality that give the player first hand perspective of game action. Technology is still new and this has not very mainstream yet because they require a gaming computer and a lot of graphical power. Getting you PC ready for VR gaming is a large investment. Here are the requirements needed to make sure you are ready:

  • Steam VR performance test tool to check whether your system is VR ready or not. This measures your systems rendering power using a 2 minute sequence.
  • Oculus rift test tool: You need to download this to test your computer to see if it meets the necessary requirements to run VR with oculus rift.
  • Oculus rift set up tool: Download this to install oculus rift software to your computer. This will help you set up your rift.

And of course, again, very important is good, fast internet speed and an up to date PC.

Online gaming has revolutionized over time and online casinos are joining in the fun and creating a more graphic and exiting experience for users. This is a good and fun way to spend your time and make some money but in order to make the very most out of your experience, you need to make sure that you have the correct set up before you begin. By following the above steps mentioned, and investing in these tools, you can have a great experience that is worth it.

Remember, gambling is highly addictive and you should always proceed with discipline. The aim is to have fun and make money but also to have a fulfilling experience.