The Benefits of Integrating Email and SMS Marketing Into Your Business

In a mobile-first world, SMS and email are two of the most powerful means of connecting with customers closely. Not surprisingly, combining the two can do wonders for the marketing strategy of modern businesses. When used in conjunction, email and SMS marketing acts as a multi-channel marketing approach that yields excellent results everywhere you communicate with customers.

It is important to understand the strengths of both email and SMS as marketing tools to integrate them to achieve the perfect impact.

SMS vs Email Marketing

Email marketing is a tried-and-true staple for marketing communication. It is cost-efficient, effective, and can be easily sent to practically anyone, anywhere in this world. Email is a strong marketing tool for webinar registrations, newsletters, blog content promotions, and mass communications. However, it is only one part of customer engagement.

SMS marketing is another tool that also has a near global reach. SMS or text messaging offers your business the opportunity to connect with your customers almost instantly. The open rates and response rates of SMS is highest among all marketing tools. Additionally, more than 90% text messages are read within three minutes of being sent. Texts are also cost-effective and great at converting prospects.

Using SMS and Email Together

In most parts of the world, consumers prefer email and SMS for communications. SMS Marketing can be a great addition to any marketing strategy. When SMS is integrated into email marketing, the two can create a seamless experience of customer communication which is consistent and powerful. .

Permission Based

Both Email and SMS are permission based marketing tools. These don’t try to sell to complete strangers. You only send promotional emails or SMS notifications to those who have given consent to receive your communications. These tools offer marketing communication with customers who are genuinely interested in your products; hence more chance of sales.

SMS to Enhance Emails

Emails are used for various type of communication like blogs, invitations, newsletters, which require lot more text than an SMS. Use Emails for most of your messages, and then use SMS to enhance your mails. Send SMS for notifications, reminders, alerts, confirmations.

Use SMS to Prep Before Email

There are occasions when you can send SMS to subscribers that tell users what to expect from an important Email that follows – just put the point of the email. Most people will immediately read the SMS, and this will increase chances that they will see the email, at least out of anticipation.

The Quick Response Power of SMS

Customers might not respond in quick time to email that you send. That’s where a text message from your mobile can do the trick. People take about 90 seconds on an average to respond to text messages. Use emails with text messages if you are looking for immediate results.

Build up Customer Engagement

Once you have devised an effective email marketing strategy, you will gradually get a better understanding of how to boost customer engagement and conversion. You will learn about your customer preferences and interests. Use such insights to send personalized SMS communication to users that will make them happy and increase chances of conversion.

Your business can gain so much by integrating email marketing and SMS. For more information on how to enhance customer communication through SMS, you can check GuniSMS – one of the most affordable SMS providers in Australia.